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1 Divorce Notice

Going through a divorce is never easy. Knowing how to create and serve a divorce notice or how to respond to one can make this process a little more bearable. This guide from ExecOS Resources helps you initiate the divorce process, according to the laws of your state.

2 Marriage License

Tying the knot soon? One of the legal requirements to getting married is securing a valid marriage license from the state where you intend to get married. Learn how to get through the process with this guide from ExecOS.

3 Letter of Intent

Do you plan to acquire assets that are on offer? Make the seller aware of your plans by writing a clear letter of intent to purchase. This guide by ExecOS Resources can help you reassure the seller that you really want to strike a deal.

4 Eviction Notice

Are you experiencing problems with a tenant at your rental property? Is rent not being paid on time or are they not following property restrictions? Learn how to evict them by reading this final guide in the ExecOS Resources Eviction Series.

5 Notice to Vacate

Do you plan on terminating a lease agreement with your tenant? Might you be a tenant with plans to move out? A crucial part of the process is to send a notice to vacate or a move-out letter. Check out how to do that here on ExecOS Resources.

6 Pay Rent or Quit Notice

If you own a rental, then you may have found yourself in a situation where you have to talk to a tenant who has defaulted on a payment. Unfortunately, defaulting becomes habitual in some cases. This guide teaches you all about Pay Rent or Quit Notices - the first step to the eviction process.

7 Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Forms

Move-In/Move-Out Inspection Forms are essential to having an airtight lease agreement. If you anticipate to be leasing out property soon, check out this guide from ExecOS Resources to make sure you and your prospective tenant have your bases covered.

8 Non-Disclosure Agreements

Do you plan on sharing valuable information about your business to one of your workers? Safely do so with the help of this guide to Non-Disclosure Agreements by ExecOS Resources. Learn how to draft your own NDA and enforce it with the help of tutorial videos we've found for you.

9 Termination of Working Relationship

Are you facing the potential termination of a working relationship with an employee? Could you be a victim of unjust termination? Check out this comprehensive guide on termination of working relationships by ExecOS Resources

10 Advance Directives

If you anticipate having to undergo a major medical procedure in the near future or being incapacitated, take time to read this guide on Advanced Directives from ExecOS Resources. Learn how you can execute this important document so you can decide the type of medical care you will receive.

11 Retirement Calculator

Are you trying to figure out how much money you need to retire? Learn that and more through this Retirement Guide from ExecOS Resources. Make wiser and informed decisions in choosing retirement accounts and the time to claim social security.

12 Rental Application

Whether you are the lessee or the landlord, this guide from ExecOS Resources on Rental Application Forms will help you take the first step towards getting an ideal rental arrangement. Check out video guides on how to secure a guarantor or rent despite having a record.

13 Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreements

Are you looking to move your business from your garage to an actual office space? Might you be considering investing in commercial property? Check out this comprehensive guide on drafting the perfect commercial real estate purchase agreement by ExecOS Resources and get ahead of your competition.

14 Calculating Your Net Worth

It is always important to know how much you own and how much you owe. Check out this Net Worth Calculator Guide from ExecOS Resources. Learn from some handy video guides on how to improve your financial status and make better financial decisions with the information you have on your net worth.

15 Termination of Contracts

ExecOS Resources' guide on Termination of Contracts presents different ways you can end a contract without any legal repercussions. Learn the different grounds for terminating a contract and make use of our termination letter template.

16 Power of Attorney

Do you seek peace of mind that your interests will always be safeguarded by someone you trust? Check out this comprehensive guide on executing a Power of Attorney by ExecOS Resources. It covers different types of powers of attorney and the benefits of executing one.

17 Independent Contractor Agreements

Are you trapped in between a rock and a hard place trying to figure out whether your worker is an employee or an independent contractor? Check out this guide from ExecOS Resources and determine whether an independent contractor agreement works in your best interest. Learn how to execute one.

18 Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and How to Apply for Them

Learn to protect your intellectual property through ExecOS Resources' guide on Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks. Learn whether your novel idea is eligible for protection under the law. Take the first step towards applying for exclusive rights to earn from your idea.

19 Bill of Sale

Do you plan on selling your car or any other form of movable property? Formalize the sale with the help of our comprehensive guide on how to write a bill of sale from ExecOS Resources. Read on and find out how to make this very important document bulletproof.

20 Rental and Lease Agreements

Are you looking to lease out a property? Check out ExecOS Resources' guide on procuring rental and lease agreements. The guide goes through the nitty-gritty of the entire lease process from showing your property to your prospective lessee until you turn over the property.

21 How to Sell Your Business

Selling a business is both an exciting and daunting prospect for many entrepreneurs especially if they are doing it for the first time. Check out this guide from ExecOS Resources and learn how to properly value your business and evaluate your motivations for selling it.

22 Wills and Testaments

Are you burdened by the prospect of contacting an attorney to write your will for you? Check out this Will and Testament Guide from ExecOS Resources. Learn to execute a will on your own. Use our executor selection tool to determine who is best to probate your will.

23 Service Agreement Contracts

The need for a service contract comes up for a variety of reasons; be it for hiring a freelancer online or taking out an extended warranty on your vehicle. Check out our guide and learn how to create a contract that doesn't get you in a bind and maximizes security for you and your provider.

24 A Complete Guide to Cease and Desist Letters

Are you the recipient of a cease and desist letter? Do you have someone bothering you or your business that you find the need to send one? Check out this guide on Cease and Desist Letters by ExecOS Resources and learn how to execute and respond to this important document.

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