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ExecOS gives me peace of mind. No longer do I have cycles running in the background of my mind as to where important information is, who has access to it, and when it needs to be dealt with next. ExecOS software and the incredible team working there help me sort it all I can get back to doing deals and spending time with my family and friends.

- Nick G.

ExecOS is for anyone that just wants to be organized. I don't have interest or time to learn some new system, figure out an entire protocol to file away all of the information I need to have on hand to run my operations, teach my team and service providers how to work with it...and then do it! It's too much. With ExecOS I use email and the people following up on the back end with take care of the rest. It makes a lot of sense.

- Daniel B.

I've been using ExecOS since 2019, and I have to say it has transformed the way I do business. Organizing all of your assets and contacts provides us with critical insight into our business which allows us to make fast decisions and ultimately become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace. Automatic reminder emails save us a huge amount of time and cost. It integrates several systems into ExecOS, further automating processes, and improving efficiency. All this adds up to a robust, easy to use app on a daily basis. I am happy to see continued improvements and new features in the app and regularly recommend it to my contacts.

- Kate C.

Your all-in-one dashboard.

ExecOS lets you store and connect your files to their related assets, giving you a full view of all your data in a single app.

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Security Protocols

ExecOS uses multiple layers of security to keep your account secure and information private.


OAuth 2.0, Access Control, Multifactor Authentication.

ExecOS utilizes OAuth 2.0 which is the industry-standard protocol for authorization.

HITRUST servers hosted by

ExecOS uses databases hosted by AWS that can only be accessed through a private network.

True Delete Account Removal

Rest assured that once you terminate your subscription with us, we will delete all your credentials and information from our systems.

Wealth Management Tools

Get access to our viewable and editable legal contract templates, personal financial statements, guides and more!

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