ExecOS is changing direction

ExecOS is changing direction

ExecOS was originally conceived to solve a simple, yet common challenge for entrepreneurs - how to store and organize all of the administrative documentation that a small business owner may need.
Running a business is no walk in the park and some tasks are more important than others.

We always prioritized our tasks:

  1. mission critical
  2. administrative and should be done when possible
  3. get to them when we get to them.

This 1, 2, 3 method allows one to see what needs to be done…what must be done in order to grow and strive. However, while the 1’s typically fall in line with items that make money, lots of 2’s support the 1’s, like registrations and insurance documentation and domain renewals and EIN numbers and account numbers…these thing are important too!! And there just wasn’t a great way to store this stuff, apart from cobbled together email archives, Google sheets, and GDrive.
So we built https://execos.com! And it works!! We were so proud.

Paul Graham likes to say, “Build something people want.”
We always thought our biggest competition would be folks that were content in the systems they already had.

Nobody wanted ExecOS.  
We are here to build something people want.

So today we are announcing our pivot.

ExecOS is the best way to save for retirement and grow a corporate treasury, anywhere in the world.

ExecOS is the simplest, most cost efficient way to get exposure to blue chip crypto assets, stock market index mutual funds, and bonds.  

ExecOS provides the folks just starting out, experienced investors, and corporate treasurers  exposure to a diverse and proven mix of assets they can rely on.  

ExecOS is owned by the users of the service.  They will benefit from the profits that ExecOS generates by having those moneys reinvested into the funds.  Investments can be custodied with ExecOS or moved into one’s own wallet.  Users can rely on unparalleled security and customer service.

Our goals are lofty and the road ahead is long, but we are confident in our mission and are prepared to stop at nothing to achieve them.

We hope you’ll join us. Thank you so much!

Cham, Tiny, Stanley, Kevin, Pat, Alexander, Jacob, and Aaron

ps - all of the information and guides and legal contracts we produced for ExecOS v1 will remain available.  We still believe that they provide real value and folks that are serious about preparing for retirement will find them useful.

pps - we are hiring for lots of roles! Join us if you believe that investing in crypto, index funds, and bonds provide a balanced portfolio.

ppps - join our waitlist to be notified of our progress

pppps - please don’t hesitate to share ExecOS with friends and family who you believe could benefit by starting to prepare for retirement today

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