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ExecOS Resources – Bill of Sale, Cease and Desist and Service Contract Guides

ExecOS Resources – Bill of Sale, Cease and Desist and Service Contract Guides

Here at ExecOS, we aim to make it more convenient and cost efficient for Executives to level-up and manage their affairs. For this reason, we have put in a lot of work to create comprehensive guides on key legal documents to help our user know how to do things themselves or when it’s time to look for an attorney. So far, we have published guides explaining a Bill of Sale, Cease and Desist Letters and Service Contracts.

The bill of sale guide covers how to prepare a bulletproof bill of sale for any form of chattel property and its key elements.

The cease and desist guide tackles both how to write and how to respond to cease and desist letters. If you have someone bothering you or your business, this guide is perfect for you.

The service contracts guide discusses key elements of writing service contracts for different industries. We cover everything from freelancer web-design contracts to extended auto warranties.

We want these guides to be as useful as possible for you. As such, we have included free templates in the guides to take the hassle of putting together these legal documents out of your hands. Stay tuned for more ExecOS Resources.

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