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How much does Execos cost?
Execos charges a 1% management fee per year of money on the platform. Free to withdraw anytime.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Cancelling is easy. There's no contract, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Deactivate your subscription within the app anytime or call customer service if you need any assistance. There is also an option to pause your subscriptions.
How can I buy? What are the different payment methods?
You may purchase using the following methods: credit card, bank, PayPal, Venmo, GCash, direct to Upwork or Wise.
What are the frequency options for recurring purchasing plans?
Currently, Execos offers daily, weekly, and monthly purchasing plan options. We do not support hourly or biweekly options.
What different products can I purchase for my retirement plan?
Currently, Execos offers the following products in our platform: Bitcoin, Ethereum, SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, and Solana.
Will you be adding new products to your platform?
The Execos team is continuously working on new developments and analysing new products to include as a retirement product in our platform.
Can I create an account for a family member?
Currently, you can always create a new account for each member given that they follow our KYC protocols. In the future, we will continue to develop new features that may allow you to create a profile for a family member under the same account.
What currency are you using?
Execos is currently available globally but charges its customers in USD only. Standard conversion rates apply.
How can I access the funds or the account of the deceased member?
We operate in compliance with the Probate process. There is also an option to add a beneficiary in your Execos account. Please note that you must follow the Probate process, regardless of whether you have a beneficiary stored in your account. Please submit a request to us and our team will walk you through every step of the process.
How does Execos make money?
Execos charges a small fee on the purchase of retirement assets and a custody fee for storing your digital assets.
Who owns Execos?
Execos is founded by a group of passionate engineers who initially built the product for themselves. While Execos may be governed by a small group of stakeholders, the owners of the business do not have access to your account.
Who has access to my funds?
The only person who can access your account is you. So please be mindful of where you store your login credentials and how you use them.
Is there a guarantee to make millions?
Execos is merely a tool that can simplify saving up for your retirement. Inn no way does it guarantee an increase in returns or influence the market in anyway.
I'm moving or travelling overseas. Can I keep using my Execos account?
Yes, your Execos account will continue functioning normally, provided that the payment method you linked to your Execos account maintains funds to purchase digital assets as planned.
Is Execos hiring?
If you are interested in pursuing a job or career at Execos, we'd love to hear from you! Please reach out to us to apply for open positions. If we believe you're a good fit, our hiring team will reach out to you for an employment interview.
Can I invest in Execos?
Execos is currently privately owned, but if you are interested in long term investments in the space contact us at
Can I export my data and transactions?
Yes, there is an option to download your full account history, including deposits, purchases, and withdrawals, in your account page.
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