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From the Grapevine – Things to Look Forward to in ExecOS Resources

From the Grapevine – Things to Look Forward to in ExecOS Resources

In line with our audacious goal to be the best executive personal assistant SAAS provider on the web, ExecOS has invested time and resources to come up with authoritative guides on writing and use of key legal documents. These guides aim to be exhaustive in discussing salient features of documents such as wills and testaments, cease and desist letters and service contracts.

Currently, three guides have been published on our platform and you can find them in the resources section when you log in. We will keep these guides up to date so you can stay abreast of developments in documentation and procedure. The usefulness of the guides will be augmented by the availability of free templates for your use as well as the presentation of content through mixed media. Our team will post updates as each guide published.

We look forward to publishing guides on rental and lease agreements, termination of contracts and the use of retirement calculators very soon.

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