New Guide Alert- Advance Directives

New Guide Alert- Advance Directives

Have you ever taken a moment to think of what would happen if you ever got critically ill/injured and cannot express yourself on the kind of medical care you would like to receive?

For example, what treatment options would you not wish performed on you? would you like to be put into palliative care in the event of a terminal illness?  Would you like to have CPR performed? Would you like to donate your organs immediately after death?

If you have not thought about these questions, it is best to do so and start planning for when you may be incapacitated to make these decisions.

This can be through putting together a document that expressly states the type of medical care you would wish to receive or not receive. This document is referred to as an Advance Directives.

We know that advanced healthcare planning, especially for the end of life scenarios, is not a very pleasant discussion to have. However, planning about your medical care can help put you and your loved ones at peace. Your family, together with the healthcare providers, are able to make the best decisions that are in line with your wishes when you are incapacitated.

At ExecOS, we not only have made available to you the information needed to guide you in preparing an Advance Directive, but we also have our ExecOS App that helps you organize this and many others of your vital documents in one place. Try us out today and see why thousands of people love our app!

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