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New Guide Alert- How to Calculate your Net Worth

New Guide Alert- How to Calculate your Net Worth

What is your current financial position? We have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you answer this question confidently and accurately.

Your net worth is derived by establishing what you own (your assets) less what you owe (liabilities) This applies to personal finance as well as for businesses. Knowing your Net Worth is a good step towards achieving your financial health. You are able to measure your progress, work towards achieving your goals and make well informed financial decisions.

It is important to note that your Net Worth is not static. It keeps on changing with time depending on the assets and liabilities you have at any given time. Therefore, it is not unusual for young people to start out with a negative net worth since they have not accumulated many assets. This should not deter them at all, in fact our guide has tips on how to continually improve this.

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