New Guide Alert- Patent, Copyright and Trademark

New Guide Alert- Patent, Copyright and Trademark

You have worked hard, created something new and just when you are about to profit from it someone steals your invention and uses it as their own. Now what do you do?

It is absolutely important to understand how to protect your intellectual property from dishonest people through the various avenues provided for by law.

In this guide, we look at three types of intellectual property, Patent, Copyright and Trademark. We discuss what they are, how and where to apply for them and everything in between.

Patents- A patent is a monopoly granted by the government to an inventor to exclude other people from using the invention for a fixed period.

Copyright- Grants the author of original works in the artistic and literary fields the exclusive rights to publish, reproduce, and sell their original works.

A trademark is any symbol, image, word, sound, visual representation, or their combination used to identify a product or a service.

Read our comprehensive guide to understand where your brilliant new product or invention falls and how to protect it. don’t make the mistake of going to the market without the necessary protections in place, otherwise, someone may be waiting to profit off your hard work.

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