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New Guide Alert- Pay Rent or Quit Notice

New Guide Alert- Pay Rent or Quit Notice

Last month we discussed an Eviction Notice. If you can recall, one of the reasons warranting a landlord to send a tenant an Eviction Notice is their failure to meet their rental obligation as agreed in the rental agreement. If this is the only reason, the landlord is required to first remind the tenant that their rent is due. This can be over the phone or through an email before the rent grace period elapses. If the tenant does not pay up or make any communication to reach an agreement on how to settle the rent due, then the landlord sends a Pay Rent or Quit Notice. Just as the name suggests, this is a legal notice issued to a rent defaulting tenant demanding them to pay up the rent due or break/quit on their rental agreement.

A Pay Rent or Quit Notice, therefore, precedes an Eviction Notice. In most cases, the notice serves for 3 days within which a tenant should have remedied the rent issue or else the eviction process begins.

Since the eviction process is cumbersome in terms of time and money, it helps if you, as a landlord, are able to write an effective Pay Rent or Quit Notice.

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