New Guide Alert – Rental and Lease Agreement

New Guide Alert – Rental and Lease Agreement

A rental and lease agreement is a legal document used to outlines the arrangement between a landlord and a tenant, also known as the lessor and lessee respectively. Once this document is signed by both parties; it becomes legally binding.

We have prepared a great guide that covers all the important aspects of an effective rental or lease agreement and the pitfalls to avoid when signing one.

As we have seen with many landlords, they do not manage properties on a full time basis but part time to supplement their income and diversify their investments. However, the law doesn’t recognize this and expect you to know everything that pertains to your real estate agent.

We understand this and we want to do the heavy lifting for you, we want to provide you with the most comprehensive real estate resources that explain everything you need to know in a simple yet highly efficient manner so that you concentrate on running your business.

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