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New Guide Alert- Rental Application

New Guide Alert- Rental Application

You have had a through house search and finally settled on one particular property that you like. The landlord or agent managing the property hands you a document to fill out before you can move into the house. The document requires a lot of your information, including your credit score and references. You wonder if that is too much to ask.

Keep calm, the said document is known as Rental Application Form. To help you understand more about the requirements of a Rental Application form, we have prepared a guide for both tenants as well as landlords. We also have tips on how you can still secure a rental property even if your credit score is not in it’s best.

The Rental Application Form should be filled out by a potential tenant (including other parties intending to live in the property) or other relations to the tenant such as parents/guardians who will be paying rent. Its purpose is to provide the property owner with enough background information on the potential tenant to be used to screen their suitability to occupy the property.

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