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New Guide Alert- Termination of Working Relationships

New Guide Alert- Termination of Working Relationships

There are many reasons that could lead to the termination of a working relationship. For example, an employee can voluntarily terminate their work relationship to relocate to another area, go back to school, or for greener pastures.

Similarly, an employer can terminate a work relationship with an employee because of factors such as poor performance/discipline, economic distress, redundancy, mergers etc. The law is seeks to protect employees from unfair termination. Termination grounds should not be discriminatory in nature.

In recent times, we have experienced the economic effect of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic on many businesses. This has probably affected your working relationship, and you might be stuck not knowing how to go about the termination process. Worry no more; at ExecOS, we have compiled useful information in this guide to help you navigate through this process in a manner that satisfies the law.

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