Connect your assets and team to get your house in order. With a holistic view across all of your operation, Execos allows you to easily understand your opportunities and risks, rich analytics and what to do next.


Organize critical information associated with your real estate, investments, and retirement.


Compile and format all contact information for your team and service providers.


Smart document import and a guidance engine to help you optimize and grow.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support. Especially at night, weekends, and on holidays.

Full Control Of Your Assets

Organize real estate, finances, and investments.

Real Estate

Organize the information, records, and documents needed to operate your real estate. Securely store deeds, leases, mortgage records, insurance declarations, inspections, surveys, and more.


Aggregate the information associated with your investments, including private equity, stocks, bonds, ETF, and alternative investments.


File all relative details about the vehicles you own. Get maintenance and registration reminders to save money.


Compile a snapshot and detailed view of your cash on hand, credit, 401k, IRA and Roth IRA, HSA, insurance, and debt.

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Team Contact Information

Stay connected to your team and service providers.


Your spouse and family may need priority access to what's most important.


Grant access to your Executive Assistant, lawyer, CPA, business manager, banker, and more.

Service Providers

Each asset has service providers that are unique. The relational contact database will keep everyone connected.


Share operating agreements and meeting notes in a secure environment to remain compliant.

Is Execos right for you?