Reminders - We’ve got you covered

Reminders - We’ve got you covered

Say goodbye to missed due dates.

ExecOS introduces a Reminders feature to help you keep track of important dates related to your assets. You may check in and view your reminders with ease from the sidebar menu.

Getting Started

Your reminders are grouped into three types:

  • Today’s Reminders: all events happening today
  • Recent Reminders: all events during the past 7 days
  • Upcoming Reminders: all events happening in the next 7 days

To highlight any important events for the day, a banner notification appears on the Dashboard page to let you know if you have any reminders for today.

The ExecOS app also checks for any daily reminders and sends them to you via email to make sure you won’t miss any important events.

Future Plans

The ExecOS team is also looking into sending reminders via SMS and integration to Google Calendar to further improve the quality and efficiency of our Reminders feature.

For any suggestions or concerns, be sure to keep in touch with us via

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